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Chef’s Kitchen

A chef’s kitchen for those who love to cook

If you enjoy preparing culinary masterpieces for your friends and family, you know that designing a chef’s kitchen in your home is all about utility,clever organization and low maintenance.
Materials like stainless steel, quartz or soapstone are among the top choices for countertops because they require the least upkeep. Everyday tools are always within reach with the help spice racks, hanging pot racks, stacked drawers, glass-faced cabinets that expose the contents inside, and so on.

A chef’s kitchen doesn’t have to be large

The size isn’t important because the layout of a chef’s kitchen is organized in a triangle which makes the process of preparing food quicker. The triangle has three tips—the cooking range, the refrigerator and the sink. In a chef’s kitchen, the movement between these three areas has to be quick and easy.

A chef’s kitchen can be pretty as well

A lot of our clients here at Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling are worried that, for example, stainless steel cooking gear and countertops might make their kitchen look stark and inhospitable.
In reality, you can make a chef’s kitchen work with any design style you prefer. We’ve done traditional chef’s kitchens, shaker chef’s kitchens, modern chef’s kitchens, you name it.
What matters in a custom kitchen remodel is finding a way to simplify your life and focus on what you enjoy most—cooking and entertaining.

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