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When it comes to remodeling your kitchen the ultimate in style, quality and configuration options comes with custom made cabinets. What exactly are custom kitchen cabinets and why would you want them?If you’re seeking a unique kitchen layout with a design and style that perfectly reflects you and your home’s style then Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling’s custom cabinets are an affordable solution.

Custom kitchen cabinets means building 100% of your cabinets, the structure, doors and pull-outs. This allows our experienced wood craftsmen to build your kitchen cabinets to any size offering the most kitchen design flexibility.

Custom kitchen cabinets allow us to work with homeowners to choose the type of woods to match existing wood or blend with the textures already present in your home. The result is a comfortable and unifying theme you will be proud of.

With a custom kitchen cabinet we can select the exact color of stain, paint or natural wood look creating a one of a kind style that will be in harmony with your interior design.

Custom kitchen cabinets gives our craftsmen the ability to build any feature into the cabinet such as a double wide recycling been, refrigerator fronts, custom slides, spice racks, roll out trays, your imagination is the limit. This provides homeowners with discriminating tastes and needs the opportunity to create a highly functional and efficient kitchen.

Custom kitchen cabinets means high quality construction and durability. Our experience wood craftsmen use industry leading tools and carpentry techniques to construct beautiful casework. Using the highest quality hardware we fasten your hinges and drawer guides with impeccable precision that will last a lifetime.

Let Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling craft your dream kitchen with custom made cabinets to produce a highly efficient design with beautifully matched details built to last a lifetime. Call us at: 858 480-7491 or use our online kitchen remodeling estimate form to get a 100% free quote.