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Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen – a future classic

Just like the shaker kitchen became a classic because of its simplistic lines, so is the modern kitchen bound to become a timeless kitchen remodeling style.
A modern kitchen lacks the ornaments that a traditional kitchen relies on. Instead, modern, or contemporary, kitchen design impresses with sleek, clean lines, lively colors and the natural beauty of materials.
The flat-panel frameless cabinets with tubular pulls, the hardware integrated to be almost invisible, the subtle harmonious accents—they all make your custom modern kitchen look classy and elegant. Add pendant lighting in a contrasting color and you’ve got a lot of visual excitement, keeping the minimalistic design.
Sleek, yet bright!
The biggest benefit of a modern kitchen is surely its utility. This style emphasizes the efficient use and organization of space. That’s why it’s very suitable for smaller spaces.

Could a modern kitchen design be a little too cold, though?

A lot of our clients at Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling worry that a glossy modern kitchen design will look cold and uninviting. Of course, what “cold” means is a matter of your personal taste.

Often, when our clients feel this way, we propose to let the texture of the wood shine on the custom cabinets or to add a wooden floor. This way their modern kitchen design is instantly warmed up while keeping the up-to-date atmosphere.

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