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Rustic Kitchen

A rustic kitchen—the warm heart of a home

If you’re the rustic kitchen type, the first two words that pop into your mind when you dream about your custom kitchen remodel are “warm“ and “inviting“.
Above all, your kitchen has to be a comfortable space for you, your friends and family to gather in. It has to be the space where long Thanksgiving dinners and endless conversations take place, the space where you cook butternut squash soup while your kids peel apples for the pie.
A rustic farmhouse kitchen is the warm, kind and loving heart of a family nest.
Just imagine the tiled backsplash and the slate floor… Custom wooden rustic cabinets with a slight distress… White linen towels hung below the sink… Your favorite flowers on the table and a rooster on the counter for luck!
Your heart is probably melting by now. But what about efficiency?

A rustic kitchen can be both cozy and efficient

Once you get out of the daydreaming, you might start fearing that your rustic kitchen will be impractical because of all the wood.
We at Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling know that it’s important for you to have a beautiful and functional kitchen. That’s why we strive to make high quality kitchens with custom rustic kitchen cabinets that are both durable and practical.
At the same time, we use vintage elements to give the rustic kitchen design that sweet scent of the past.

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