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Shaker Kitchen

The shaker kitchen is the true definition of classic

The straight, clean lines of the shaker kitchen style have kept it the top custom kitchen design choice for decades.
The simplistic form and the sharp squared-off edges of the cabinets and drawers create a neat, orderly look to your kitchen that no other style can elicit so well.
The specific design of shaker kitchen cabinets makes them truly universal. They go with just about any other kitchen style—craftsman kitchen, traditional kitchen, cottage style kitchen and even industrial, modern and contemporary kitchen.
If you’re unsure what style to choose for your custom kitchen remodel, shaker would be the safest choice, because…

You can actually transform a shaker kitchen in 1 day

Want to turn a contemporary shaker kitchen into a cottage shaker kitchen? Simply change the hardware and accessories.
The enormous range of projects in the shaker kitchen style that we’ve done here at Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling proves that.
One of our clients chose a beautiful open modern kitchen with just a hint of retro style, to which the shaker cabinets were a perfect match.
Another client preferred a more traditional style kitchen with a green tile backsplash and white cabinets, but still didn’t want a lot of ornaments. The custom shaker cabinets we installed for her blended perfectly with the traditional kitchen air.

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