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Starting a Kitchen or Bath remodel can be an exciting event in the life of your home which can produce amazing results if you’re working with a team of truly dedicated and creative professionals.   However, finding, evaluating and determining which company you can trust can be a challenging task.  It all starts with your initial consultation and estimate. Company Websites and project portfolios are nice indicators, but the initial in-person consultation is your best opportunity to really feel out who you may be working with. Not all companies have the same level of professionalism, ability to listen and translate your ideas into realistic plans, nor a proven process to make sure your remodel happens in a timely effortless fashion. Below is a description of step 1 of our 5 step remodeling process for success. Remodeling Consultation and Estimates

  1. In-person meeting and remodel review: We will meet with you at your home and listen to your specific goals, needs, desires and budget targets.
  2. Review homeowners goals: You will have certain project goals, or if you don’t we will help you understand how to identify goals for you remodel and make them part of your plan. Success only comes from clearly defined goals.
  3. Specify kitchen or bath theme and style There are many styles to choose from, you may have a good idea of what you are aiming for, or perhaps you need some guidance. In either case we will introduce you to tried and true styles and what is popular and trending today. At this point in the remodeling process it is only important to convey the concept, but you do not have to be 100% obligated to it. This will be locked down later during the remodel design phase.
  4. Specify usability features The new layout of your future kitchen or bath may require the moving of walls, plumbing or electrical work. You may have special needs like taller counters, or a walk in shower.  Here we will try to identify as many of these features as possible so that they are included in your estimate. Again, these items are to build a realistic estimate, but can easily be changed later in the process.
  5. Specify materials, products and hardware The real fun starts when you are choosing the rich materials, counters, cabinets, and hardware that will create the style and distinction of your kitchen or bath. This is where our experience really shines, saving you money and helping you build on your ideas. In our discussions we can balance your ideas with how much each of these choices may cost, we can and will offer alternatives you may not be aware of, and show you samples of products when possible. Together we can assemble the beginnings of a plan and the basis for a TRUE estimate of your remodeling project.
  6. Evaluate the remodeling space and construction needs The overall space you have to create a new kitchen or bath may need modifications to meet you goals. As we discuss your ideas and goals we will take measurements to aid us in determining your possibilities and if any mid level construction will be necessary.
  7. Evaluate electrical and plumbing needs Often a new kitchen or bath will involve adding or moving electrical and plumbing.  These are important components of your estimate to include NOW so you have a true understanding of the overall costs for your plan. As licensed contractors and by being with you in-person we can quickly assess what needs to be done.
  8. Provide a written cost and timeline estimate of kitchen or bath remodel Once we have evaluated your remodeling project and discussed your ideas and goals in-depth we will develop a written cost estimate with an associated timeline for completion.  This estimate will be given to you right then and there after our initial consultation. It is important to note, that this is an estimate which is based on the general details we have explored together. You will likely have and should have changes to your remodeling project that will alter this estimate in one way or another.  That is all part of a good process. Have a plan and have the ability to easily change the plan as new ideas show themselves.

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