San Diego’s Top Kitchen Remodeling

A successful kitchen or bath design takes three important skills. Listening, Communication and Creativity. We listen very closely to you, your needs, and your goals. We take this input and communicate to you our insights on options and features that are in agreement with your goals. Finally we use our creativity to transform your ideas into a workable design for your review, input and approval. With your involvement each step of the way together we will create a kitchen or bath design of your dreams. Below is a detailed description of our design process so you have a solid understanding of our process:

  1. Remodel Design Agreement
    Before design work starts a remodeling design agreement will be approved by you. This is when you commit to working with us by providing a small down payment according to you plan and sign off on the design agreement.
  2. Initial payment for project
    Your initial payment represents a small deposit that will be presented to you as part of the design agreement. We accept all major credit cards and even have a payment plan.
  3. Confirm overall design theme, goals, features and materials
    In your consultation we will have outlined your goals, style theme, color pallet, features and materials. Here we will confirm these choices before we start working on a draft of your design.
  4. Generate initial design concept draft
    With your remodeling details confirmed we will develop an initial design concept that serves to put your design into a graphical sketch for easy viewing.
  5. Homeowner review of design concept and provide edits
    Together we will review the concept design, identify any changes and confirm the placement and measurements of key elements.
  6. Provide homeowner with refined detailed design including measurements
    Any updates to your design will be incorporated into your detailed design. Included in this design will be exact measurements of cabinets, exact location of items like sinks, islands, counter heights, cabinet depths etc.
  7. Homeowner reviews and approves design
    The refined design will be presented to you for review. You have every opportunity to offer changes at this time. Once you’re satisfied we will move on to the final remodel design.
  8. Full color render of remodeling project produced
    With all design specifications confirmed we will produce a full color 3D design of your kitchen or bath remodel for your review. These detailed computer generated designs will give you rich insights into the true look and feel of how your design will truly look in your home.  Changes can be made, however our process will likely have made sure any changes necessary will be minor.
  9. Homeowner signs off on completed remodel design
    With the final color 3D rendering in hand, the homeowner will sign off on the design preparing us for the next step of the remodeling process

Note: It is important to know that we understand you may wish to add or change elements of your remodel at any stage of the design, build process. This is expected and welcomed. Our lines of communication are always open, we will have a single, dedicated project manager on your work site to speak with at anytime so changes can be made with ease. We always want YOU to be in control and happy with the kitchen or bath we are building for you.

Get started by calling and scheduling your free in-home consultation and estimate at: 858 480-7491