San Diego’s Top Kitchen Remodeling

Preparing your home for a remodel is an important and oft overlooked part of the process. As guests in your home we take the way we conduct business there very seriously. We are committed to being impeccably clean, leaving your home spotless at the end of each day. We are timely and time conscious. We will be clear on when we will be arriving and departing so you will never be surprised about our presence. During this step in the remodeling process we will be taking care of your permits and starting on the removal of existing materials.

  1. Second Remodeling Payment
    By the start of your remodeling preparation work the second payment will be requested.
  2. Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling obtains all necessary permits
    We will obtain all the necessary permits and ensure that your designs are all up to code.
  3. Remodeling start date determined
    Once permits are obtained we will work with you to schedule an official start date to remodel your kitchen or bath.
  4. Kitchen or Bath is prepared for installation
    Excess materials will be removed from your home site (removal included in estimate).
  5. Construction elements are removed or added (Walls, islands)
    We will remove any walls, or build walls and islands as called for in your remodeling design.
  6. Utilities and plumbing elements are completed
    As we build, move and construct the larger elements of your remodel we will install the plumbing and electrical work as called for in your remodeling design.
  7. Kitchen or bath area surfaces are prepared for installation
    Your walls, floors and exposed surfaces will be finished and prepared to hang cabinets on, apply flooring, paint or stonework.

With excess materials removed and construction elements added your project site will be a clean and open space ready for the installation of cabinets and surfaces.

Get started by calling and scheduling your free in-home consultation and estimate at: 858 480-7491